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"feat Nicki Minaj"

*skips to nicki’s verse* 

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The TumblrPro prank is really funny because you’re opening a video on Tumblr and it loads immediately

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its tumblrs april fools joke but its a pop up video and it could really scare people (it scared me) plus its full screen please tell everyone!!

even if you arent triggered by videos randomly playing full screen the video itself could trigger people. phobias of motion, skin, nails, space, dogs, shaking, scopophobia, bare chests, heights, repetition, etc. could be triggered by the video
please be safe

How I imagine these people doing anything.


If that video disturbs you for whatever reason, you shouldn’t be on the internet lets just make that clear. And probably some medication. 

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so can we just keep the top hats and the people who came late to the game or didn’t click the tumblr pro button just have to deal with it?

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my hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being exhausted the next day

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Like I have to change the way I dress, the way I act, the things I say, around cis straight people. I can’t even hold hands with another boy in school or walking down the street because. Why? Because I don’t want to make straight cis people UNCOMFORTABLE. And you ask them to not use the word faggot (ONE GODDAMN WORD) so queer people don’t feel uncomfortable and they start citing 15th century definitions like? Fuck off

Actually how about you dress the way you want to dress, act the way you want to act, talk the way you want to talk, hold hands with other boys at school and in public and then when someone who’s (ignorant), cisgener and heterosexual calls you a faggot you turn around, wink, and say, “Oh bitch I know.” Then strut off because yes you are now the supreme. I mean just putting that out there. Rather than helping put power behind the word by telling someone they can’t say it, because it’s offense, just shrug it off and keep on walking because when everyone starts doing it, THAT is how the word will lose it’s impact, rather than just trying to make people not say it.